Hello Parents!

At AJ’s, we continue to follow safety COVID procedures to keep the environment sanitized and healthy for your child! 

Ms. Amy is offering small group and private classes at her home! 6812 Wedgestone Dr, Plano, 75023

In order to keep everyone safe, I have implemented the following:

  • Classes will be no more than 4 students

  • A private location (not open to public - with a designated small group that will not change)

  • All equipment will be disinfected between uses

  • Your children will be in the same class for the duration of the semester

  • With a social distancing area for parents while waiting

  • No drop-in students allowed



This class offers a new and exciting approach to your child's developmental training! Have your child or student join a group gymnastics class offered once or twice a week!




2 - 3 years

  • Supports potty training through the development of self-control

  • Develops your toddlers coordination & independence

  • Helps with following directions

  • Helps burn excess energy through constant use of equipment

  • Supports academic achievement through sequencing and concentration of movement



3 - 6 years

  • AJ’s Gymnastics is a great foundation for all future activities & sports

  • Develops strength and coordination for the entire body

  • Great for children with a lot of energy

  • Helps children follows directions

  • Supports children who have a hard time concentrating

  • Helps children with discipline issues by developing skills in self-control

  • Supports other sports they are involved in with strength, agility & coordination

  • Supports academic achievement through sequencing and concentration of movement

  • Establishes healthy habits for life



Reasons for the Elementary age child to take gymnastics:

  • Their bodies are changing rapidly and they need activities & skills to support their coordination and strength while adjusting to these changes!

  • Gymnastics is amazing for building self-esteem & confidence while academics are higher and peers are important during these years.

  • Gymnastics allows them to release stress and pressure that comes during elementary years.

  • What they may have been able to accomplish as a preschooler sometimes gets forgotten, therefore gymnastics allows the body to regain those skills and enhance them.

  • It is a non-competitive activity that allows them to have structure and fun with friends!



AJ’s Fitness 4 Kids offers private lessons at school, your house, or AJ’s location.

Why Private Lessons?

  • If you want your child to have additional time to develop skills

  • If your child is shy and tends to dislike groups

  • If you want one-on-one interaction for your child with the coach

  • If you prefer to be there for every class and watch lessons

  • If your child has special needs or limitations